Atlas Physical Therapy is committed to providing you with the best possible care, compassion and respect you deserve in a warm, nurturing, and fun environment. You will never be “just another patient”. You and everything about you (family, work, and interests) is our main focus. We invite you to stop by our clinic anytime to get a “feel” for us … we always have a great cup of coffee to share.

Our highly trained physical therapists and support staff are dedicated to helping people of all activity levels and ages continue to live work and play at the highest levels.

  • We give competitive athletes of any age or level a performance advantage.
  • We take care of weekend warriors who go a little overboard and need some help
    getting back to their game
  • We also help those who aren’t “athletes” of any kind who just want to live their lives pain free
  • We’re here for you Monday through Friday, with flexible scheduling to meet your needs